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INNSISON Apartelles

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Many people who come to Baguio especially big groups usually look for a transient house instead of a Baguio hotel or an inn. There is the usual notion that Baguio transient house is cheap and "everything is there" meaning all that are needed are available. There are many houses rented out as transient house in Baguio City. These are usually rented out to take advantage of the influx of tourists coming to the city especially during summer. In many cases, such houses are not intended as vacation houses and therefore, these houses may not be well-maintained and unprepared for tourists or vacationers.

Undeniably, there are decent Baguio transient houses that are cheap and perhaps can provide everything that is needed. However, there are also those who just want to make a fast buck where comfort, convenience and safety may be sacrificed. Cleanliness and presence of undesirable creatures are possible issues. Uninterrupted water supply may not be guaranteed and there may be no hot shower available. It's hard to imagine taking a bath in Baguio without hot shower.

INNSISON addresses all such potential issues of Baguio transient houses. Comfort, convenience and safety, while maintaining affordable rates, are major goals of INNSISON Apartelles. Apart from what were already mentioned, there are many more advantages.

INNSISON has units that can accommodate groups of 12 or more persons. These units can prove to be very economical especially for those groups who are big in number yet very tight on the budget.
Concern on safety is another major consideration at INNSISON. The building is installed with modern fire alarm system and sprinkler system in compliance with the fire safety code.

INNSISON has sufficient parking space. You don't have to park along the street and be a traffic hazard.

Water supply is continuous even during summer. INNSISON has its own commercial deep well assuring year-round supply of water.  This cannot be said of many Baguio City transient houses.

Unlimited access to the internet is absolutely free for guests. You can access internet by using your WIFI-enabled laptops in the lobby area or the first basement.  And again, it is unlikely that internet access is available in the typical Baguio transient houses, not to mention unlimited access.

A guard is put on overnight duty to ensure peace and order within the premises.

Many of INNSISON Apartelles units have their own kitchens just like other Baguio transient houses. If cooking is desired, INNSISON provides basic cooking facilities. Baguio City prides itself in providing fresh yet cheap vegetables year round. Would it not be a good idea to cook your own specialty using very well known Baguio vegetables?


INNSISON Apartelles

Naguilian Rd. cor Dominican Rd.

Baguio City


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